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CWOP Weather

CWOP Weather displays a map with all of the CWOP Weather Stations within the map bounds' displayed. Clicking on a station will bring up the latest weather data (within 24 hours), that that station has uploaded. The station information is displayed in a "bubble" that may be clicked on to open that station's CWOP page. Weather Information can be displayed in either Standard (English) or Metric units, and can be set on the settings page.

By default the map zooms to the last known location for the device. Once loaded searches can be made for for Station Callsigns or any type of address that you would normally be able to search for using Google Maps.

Screen Shots
Main Screen Weather Data Bubble Settings Screen
Known Issues/Bugs
There are times that a valid search address will display as invalid. This has popped up on a number of devices, and restarting the device generally fixes the issue.
The application will only display 100 stations on the screen at a time, so if you don't see a station, maybe zoom in a bit.
Version 1.0
Just Released 5/16/2013
Write External Storage
Saving and reading images to SD card
Accessing Weather Station Positions and Data
Fine/Coarse Location
For positioning the map to your current location
Network State
Needed for Google Maps